Revolve Dance Festival

Winter Edition 2020


It was the second edition of this dance workshop that was based on the development of acting skills for ballet, classical dance, and for the first time at Revolve Dance, the historical dance was studied.

Master Aleksandr Stepin, acting professor at the Vaganova Ballet Academy in St. Petersburg, has prepared for our students special acting techniques. The workshop was divided into two groups, 10-13 years and 14-18 years, girls and boys, who went through basic studies such as the art of mimicry and scenic movement. They studied the interpretation of scenes from the classical ballet Giselle or they studied the choreographies of reference in the Vaganova Academy, such as “Baba cloanta”, “Huliganii”, “Indragostiti” or “Oarba”, some being Leonid Yacobson’s choreographies.

We are already used to Nina Ivanovich surprising us! She taught lessons about the basics of historical dance, about medieval dance, about the waltz at the royal court and “Polish”, lessons that underlie the classical ballet!

The Gala at the Rapsodia Hall, organized by teachers together with the students, astonished the audience by the complexity of the elements, the quality of the interpretations and the dedication that both the Masters and the children involved showed! It was an extraordinary success and we will be happy every time we meet