Revolve Dance Festival

2019 Summer Edition


Revolve Dance Summer edition 2019 continues the series of workshops started in 2017 and comes with innovation in the training of young dancers. So, this edition we were happy to offer, for the first time in Romania, intensive courses of “Pas de deux” and intensive classes exclusively for boys.

In a world where boys are no longer directed to dance, for various reasons, and choreography high schools and theaters become unable to perform their activities normally, Revolve Dance comes to address these shortcomings by introducing boys to the most beautiful art, offering them scholarships for the next editions of Revolve Dance!

Revolve dance maintains its partnerships with some of the most important dance competitions in the world, stimulating young participants with scholarships offered by them.

Revolve Dance enjoys an EXCLUSIVE partnership in Romania with the most important scholarship competition in the world for young dancers, Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP), which has offered prizes of approximately $3500.

They have offered participation grants for world-renowned contests such as:

  • International Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition Domenico Modugno, Lecce, Italy – 8 scholarships,
  • TANZOLYMP, Berlin, Germany – 2 scholarships,
  • Livorno Festival – Dance Competition, Livorno, Italy – 8 scholarships,
  • Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition, Playa del Carmen, Mexico – 8 scholarships
  • Leto Ballet Summer School, Kranevo, Bulgaria – 6 scholarships

The event took place over a period of 12 days, consisting of intense training, self-knowledge and learning in an exceptional environment and company.

The festival ended with “open time” for parents and friends, which took place on July 20, 2019 at the Rapsodia Hall on Lipscani 53 Street, followed by the awarding of participants by organizers, guests and teachers!


  • Stanislav Belyaevsky (Classical, Character, boys classes) – RUSSIA
  • Anastasia Dunets (Classical, Floor bar / yoga) – RUSSIA
  • Nina Ivanovich (Historical, Stretching) – RUSSIA
  • Pascal Allio (Contemporary) – France
  • Renee Kester (Contemporary) – S.U.A.
  • Misha Tchoupakov (Classical, Boys, Pas de Deux) – RUSSIA
  • Alexei Moskalenko (Classical, boys, Pas de Deux) – RUSSIA-S.U.A.
  • Marina Saladino (Floor bar, stretching) – RUSSIA-S.U.A.