Aleksandr StepinActing teacher at the Vaganova Ballet AcademyBallet acting teacher, pantomime

Master Aleksandr Stepin graduated the Vaganova Academy in 1970. He was working at the Leonid Jacobson Ballet Theatre in Saint Petersburg as well as in the Kirov Ballet Theatre.

In 1986 has graduated the pedagogy faculty at the Vaganova Academy and began to teach acting in the academy.

Among his students are prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Theatre, Svetlana Zacharova, Evgenya Obrastzova, Stepanova, Kovaleva, Smirnova and more.

Aleksandr worked in the Mariinsky Theatre with Victor Tereshkina, Pavlenko, Novikova, Bagoeva and more.

Aleksandr Stepin has experience working as a choreographer in figure skating, among his students are ; Elena Berezhnaya, Evgeny Plushenko, Sichrulidze, world champions Petrova and Tichonov.

Currently, Master Stepin is in charge of the choreography repertoire of the State Ballet Theater, L. Jacobson.