Bertrand BelemEx Soliste de l’Opéra de Paris
Professeur au Conservatoire National de Paris
Classical dance teacher for boys and girls

Bertrand Belem began to learn to dance at the age of 10 with Professor René Bon, then fell in love with classical dance.

Entering the Paris Opera School, he follows the rich teachings of his teachers. Jeanne Gérodez, Daniel Franck, Lucien Duthoit, Gilbert Mayer, Serge Golovine will all help to perfect his training.
In 1986, he joined the body of the Paris Opera Ballet, as Quadrille, became Choryphé in 1987, his curiosity and willingness to learn led him to appear at the Varna International Competition in 1988, he won a bronze medal that same year. became Subject. The Carpeaux Circle Award was awarded to him the following year.

In order to convey the passion for dance to young dancers, he began to train as a teacher at the same time as a dancer and obtained the State Diploma in 2003.
Since 2011, the year of his retirement as a dancer, he has joined the Paris Conservatory as a teacher.