Pascal Allio

Pascal Allio
Dancer, Choreographer & Teacher  Contemporary Dance

French dancer, choreographer and teacher Pascal Allio was born in 1964 in Nantes, moving to Paris once he began his career in the arts world. He is the winner of the 1st Prize at the 4th International Contemporary Dance Contest in Paris, actor in long-term cinematic productions such as Dry Cleaning (1997).

After dancing for Andy Degroat and Mickael OâRourke, Pascal met with Christine Bastin in 1988, following her until 2004, although she also danced for Daniel Larrieus and Cre-Ange. In 1997, at the A`vignion festival, Jean Gaudin dedicated him to a solo.

In 2006 he made his first personal project, Visa Game, involved in interpretation, concept and choreography, together with Cosmin Manolescu. In 2007 he played Excite d’Annabelle Bonnery, Kyrille 3 and Jacques Fargearel. In 2008-2009, he collaborated on the creation of Fleurs sanglantes by Serge Ambert.

In 2011-2012 he continued his journey with Phillippe Lafeuille, Cendrillon Ballet. After the 1990s, he developed as a teacher for professional and amateur dancers from both France and other countries, practicing in profile schools and engaging in numerous workshops and dance projects as a pedagogue, choreographer and artist.

From its very beginning steps as dancer and performer, Pascal Allio did not stop to go in the vanguard. Always he was searching to explore new territories and to confront himself with unique experiences, refusing to be secluded in a forced movement or in a single form of expression.